Lemochlo, a dietary supplement, is a collaboration between Yaeyama Chlorella from the nature of Okinawa and Hiroshima Lemon from the nature of Setouchi.
Let's face the daily changes in your body and update your health.

  • additive-free

  • From production to processing
    in Japan

  • Rich nutritional value

  • Health and Beauty

What's レモクロ

Yaeyama Chlorella
Hiroshima Lemon

Yaeyama Chlorella, a health food from Okinawa that is loved around the world, and Hiroshima Lemon, a health food from the Seto Inland Sea. Remoqlo is made from only chlorella and lemons. This is the first health food (supplement) in Japan to combine these two foods from the richness of nature.

In surviving these times.
We'll be together for the rest of our lives.
Not your family and friends, but yourself.

Diverse viruses, natural disasters, environmental destruction... In this age of survival where lives are threatened, the true value of each individual is being tested. In these times of survival, the true value of each individual is being tested. Lemochlo supports your will to do so.



Watch the video of the Yaeyama Chlorella plant
growing on Ishigaki Island.