Terms and Conditions

Chapter 1 General provisions

Article 1 [definitions

  1. These terms and conditions
    Store terms and conditions
  2. we
    use the service established the online store operator
  3. service
    company through the Internet that provides mail order service
  4. buyer
    company in accordance with procedures set forth by these terms and conditions and Privacy Policy all the contents of the agreement・approved on Products apply to those who do
  5. the User
    Agreement and Privacy Policy all the contents of the agreement・approved on our service to provide images, text, design, logo, picture, program, ideas, information, etc. (hereinafter, the"content")to search, browse or use of those who collectively

Article 2. application of terms】

We through the Internet to provide this service to any of the provisions of these terms of use, the terms and regulations. Users use of the services, starting at the time you indicate your acceptance of the terms set out in the agreement on.

Article 3. amendment of terms]

we, the user or purchaser without prior notice to,the terms of all or part of any you can change or Supplement this agreement to the terms of the new set can. Changes to the terms・Add,to provide the services on the date of its entry into force or from the date of the entry into force and effective after the provided service, the change・add after the terms of the will.

We change the terms of Service・added by the user or buyer arising out of any damages,direct damages or indirect damages, whether or not foreseeable, regardless of whether or not they were the actual risk of loss.

Chapter 2 purchase of goods, etc.

Article 4【purchase】

  • the use of the services from us can buy goods.
  • Users,the purchase of goods if you wish us separately in accordance with the procedures set forth by the product eligibility of the member.
  • The application to the user by the input・registered delivery・order contents, etc., to check on the click the button for placing an order, and then from us confirming the order e-mail to the effect that when the user reaches the user, and US, between to, and waive all defenses of lack of personal jurisdiction and relating to the contract of sale is satisfied.
  • Notwithstanding the preceding provision,the service, misconduct or inappropriate act concerning the use of the if,we contract about cancellation, termination and other appropriate measures will
  • Minor users,a qualified legal representative without the prior written consent of the Must,using the service to purchase the products, you can't.

Article 5 change of registration information】

the purchaser at the time of purchase, name, address or any other information that we notify you of the matters in whole or in part if there is a change, and promptly we will contact you. The change is registered by the damage caused,we assumes no responsibility. Also, change even if registered,change of registration before the transaction processed is the change of pre-registration on the basis of the information and it.

Article 6 [payment method]

  • the product of the payment amount,displayed on the site of the goods selling price,tax,shipping & handling fee of total amount will be.
  • The service purchased by the payment of goods is concerned, the purchaser's name payment by credit card,Bank transfer or cash on Delivery other we can determine how to pay pay by limited to the of and.
  • Payment with credit card if the buyer is separate contract between the credit card company in brand new and unused condition. Incidentally, the credit card in relation to the use of the purchaser and the credit card company as a dispute occurs, the purchaser and the credit card companies responsibility to solve.
  • The service that is specified in the payment method, the buyer and the payment having a payment company and separately between the contract(payment method, according to the terms of the agreement, including but not limited to.) If the purchaser is a settlement company and separately between the contract terms. Incidentally, the payment means, in relation to the buyer and the settlement company a dispute occurs, the purchaser and the settlement companies have the responsibility to resolve.

Article 7【merchandise】

we,the purchaser of goods from returns,published on the site of the [About Us] notation in the"return and Refund Policy"and follow the corresponding time.

Chapter 3. handling of personal information

Article 8 [handling of personal information】

we are, we set forth separately bythe privacy policyaccording to the personal information.

Chapter 4 on the responsibilities of the

Article 9 prohibitions

using this service, user or buyer for performing the acts prescribed in the items below are prohibited.

  1. Other users, third parties or US, nuisance,detriment or harm that the act,or any act of
  2. third parties or of our copyright and other intellectual property rights, portrait rights, publicity rights, moral rights, privacy rights, Publicity rights or other rights infringement or any act
  3. offensive to public order and morals or other acts that violate laws and will treat the acts
  4. obtained through the service content to the user or purchaser of the private use range to use in the conduct
  5. of other users, or other users, third parties other than through the Obtained through the service content to the reproduction, sale, publication, distribution, public acts, and similar activities
  6. the services and other our services and the operation of acts which interfere with the
  7. US would cause a loss of or damage to the reputation of the SUCH of us is inappropriate, as reasonably determined act of
  8. the other, an act that we judge to be inappropriate

Chapter 5 disclaimer

Article 10 [disclaimer]

  1. The user or purchaser is in breach of this agreement by a third party for the damage caused,not our responsibility.
  2. The contents of the service and the user or buyer through the service to get information about the completeness, accuracy, certainty, usefulness, etc., make no warranties.
  3. Goods of the service to disclose the contents to any false or misleading content exists, even if this user or buyer directly or indirectly suffered or any damage, loss, detriment, etc., is not our responsibility.
  4. Through this service goods sold on its quality, material, function, performance,Additional that arises due to defects or any damage, loss, detriment, etc., is not our responsibility.
  5. We,the buyer of the receipt of neglect or refusal, if long-term absence by the goods receipt of a disability of you or the unknown destination, if the other buyer due to receive the goods if you can not respect,the buyer has to register the contact and product purchase during a specified delivery to bring the goods to such a delivery of the goods a debt to fulfill, The debt and the workmanship which characterize authentic Gucci goods.

Chapter 6 miscellaneous provisions

Article 11 of the [copyright,intellectual property rights]

provided through the service content that we or legitimate rights to third parties exclusively belongs to you. As a result of violation of the provisions of this article, the user or buyer and the third party and the case of the user or buyer's responsibility and cost to and from, we shall assume no responsibility for any claim,loss, attack, viruses, interference, hacking, or other security intrusion, etc., to give you.

Article 12 [governing law]

this Agreement shall be governed by all laws and regulation apply.

Article 13 [in consultations and jurisdiction of the court]

the interpretation of this agreement over any doubt arises, we are in a rational range interpretation to determine as accurately as possible. These terms and conditions all disputes arising in connection with our jurisdiction over the court of 1st instance of the jurisdiction and that the pre-agreed time.